Sedona ATV and Jeep Rentals

4x4 Jeep Rentals$295 - $395
4x4 Jeep Rentals - Sedona Jeep Rentals
Drive a top-of-the-line Jeep Wrangler on your own self guided tour. Enjoy a private, custom, and fun filled day exploring Sedona’s back country on the many dirt roads located there. Go where you want, stop when you want, and explore at your own pace. Maps are provided at check in. (read more)
If you prefer a steering wheel to handlebars and enjoy a cage and roof over your head, then try out this “bad boy” two seater side-by-side buggy. The high output (HO) engine delivers its power through an automatic transmission that utilizes On-Demand AWD to give you maximum traction. This vehicle has no trouble taming Sedona's back country. (read more)
ATV Rentals$125 - $275
ATV Rentals - Sedona ATV Tours

Affordable ATV Rentals

Choose from one- and two-seater ATVs to make your self guided Sedona ATV Tours as safe and as comfortable as possible. We make your Sedona ATV Rentals easy. We provide you with all kind of information about Sedona's trails - you will get detailed area info and maps, suggesting you the best points to explore. You are provided with everyting you need including a cooler filled with ice and water... (read more)


Quads for rent in Sedona Arizona

This limited edition vehicle has seating for up to six people making it a huge hit with families. Cup holders, multiple storage areas, seat belts for six and 12 volt accessory outlets add real comfort, while features like a powerful 760cc twin cylinder engine, electronic fuel injection, power steering, On-Demand AWD and an automatic transmission make it the ultimate multi-passenger vehicle for exploring in Red Rock Country. (read more)
Tomcar Rental$250-$475
The Ultimate Terrain Vehicle! The Tomcar was built to bring the adventure of off-roading to everyone. 33 years of experience in off-road vehicle construction led to this simple, lightweight vehicle with high ground clearing. The Tom Car is a very agile off-road vehicle. Due to its automatic transmission it is very easy to drive, you'll be amazed how easily the Tomcar handles. (read more)
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