Sedona Air and Helicopter Tours

A Sedona Helicopter Tour or Hot Air Balloon Ride is a spectacular way to see the Red Rocks of Sedona.

15-Minute Helicopter Flight Over Sedona - Sedona Air Tours
This sampler helicopter tour of Sedona's Red Rocks takes you east past Lee Mountain and the Three Nuns near the Chapel of the Holy Cross. See if Woodstock is holding out on Snoopy Rock near Steamboat Rock. From there we will explore the immense beauty of Bear Wallow Canyon and Schnebly Hill Road and then back to the airport. (read more)
25-Minute Helicopter Flight Over Sedona - Sedona Air Tours

Sedona Helicopter Rides

Journey westward from the Sedona airport up scenic Dry Creek area and deep into Secret Canyon to explore the natural beauty of Sedona. Climb up into the outback of Rattlesnake Mesa where you will descend to explore the ancient Sinaguan Indian cliff dwellings of Boynton Canyon. From there you will explore Bear Mountain, soar past Fay's Arch to Doe Mesa and then back to the airport. (read more)
35-Minute Helicopter Flight Over Sedona - Sedona Air Tours
Experience ALL of Sedona's vortex sights on this deluxe adventure! Fly south over Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Explore Chicken Point within Broken Arrow. You will fly past the Nuns by the Chapel of the Holy Cross and see the sights of Snoopy Rock. Continue onto Schnebly Hill Road on the way to Wilson Mountain, where Steamboat Rock sits, as you journey to Sterling Pass. Be on the lookout... (read more)
Sedona Hot Air Balloon Ride

Sedona Hot Air Balloon Rides
Gliding in a balloon over the colorful red rock formations in Sedona is a truly magical experience. Soaring over the beautiful Red Rocks at sunrise will create a lasting memory that will last a lifetime! You will enjoy a champagne picnic after you gently land on the National Forest. The pick-up (at your hotel in Sedona) is very early. Depending on time of year the pickup times at your Sedona area hotel vary between... (read more)

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